I – Cancellation insurance

Cancellation Insurance 

Our insurance covers trip cancellations up to 24 hours before departure, provided you have a valid reason listed in the policy and the necessary supporting documents as proof. 

To learn more, access the insurance contract here. 

How to Book Cancellation Insurance 

You can select cancellation insurance during the booking process. Please note that you can only modify this option up to 24 hours after receiving your booking confirmation. After this period, it becomes personal and non-transferable. 

Need to Cancel Your Trip? 

Do you have: 

  • Cancellation insurance through Yoonly? 
  • A valid reason listed in the cancellation insurance policy? 
  • Supporting documents that match the justified reason? 

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Inform Us of Your Cancellation

The first step is to inform Yoonly and your group coordinator (for group bookings) of your cancellation. You should notify us as soon as you become aware of the reason for cancellation. To cancel your booking, please contact Yoonly customer service via email at Your cancellation must be confirmed in writing via email, and the date of confirmation will be considered the official cancellation date. 

  1. Have a Replacement?

If you have found someone to take over your trip, you do not need to initiate the insurance activation process. Include your replacement’s details and contact information in your email. For more information on finding a replacement for your booking, refer to our FAQ. 

Reminder: All insurance policies are personal and non-transferable. Therefore, you will not be able to obtain a refund for the insurance cost, along with any potential administrative fees. 

  1. Activate Your Insurance with Assurinco

Open your claim with Assurinco (link to the website here) within 5 days of becoming aware of the reason for cancellation. You will need your file number (booking ID) and departure date. Once your claim is opened, you will have more time to complete it. 


The insurance requires all outstanding balances to be paid. If you have any cancellation costs, these fees must be settled before you can activate your insurance. Cancellation fees will be reimbursed by the insurance if you follow the Assurinco policy (access cancellation fees here). 

There is a Franchise in the Insurance Policy. The Franchise means that there is a ‘own risk’-policy where for certain reasons the insurance doesn’t cover the full amount of your cancellation costs.

To complete your claim, follow the steps on the Assurinco website. You will be asked to provide your initial and cancellation invoices. To receive these, please contact Yoonly’s customer service by phone at +32 3 808 69 19 or via email at 

Your reason for cancellation must be considered valid by the insurance company and supported by the correct documents. To learn more about the list of valid reasons, access the insurance contract here. 

If your reason is valid and supported by the correct documentation, your cancellation fees will be refunded by check (France) or bank transfer by the insurance company. 

Once your claim is opened, you can check its progress here. 

For further assistance, you can reach Assurinco customer service via email at 

II- SkiEUR Travel insurance

The SkiEUR insurance / assistance covers the interruption of snow activities, repatriation costs and medical fees (outside country of residence). It also covers breakage and theft of ski equipment. To find out more, access the insurance contract by clicking here

Subscribe to our SkiEUR insurance

The SkiEUR insurance can be chosen during the booking process. Please note! The insurance is personal and therefore non-transferable. You can change this option up to 30 days before departure.


What to do in case of accident?

If you have an accident during your trip, contact the emergency services: Fire brigade (18), SAMU (15), European emergency number (112). An insurance company never handles first aid.

In a second stage, open your assistance and insurance claims.


  • Assistance claim with Mutuaide

Mutuaide covers rapatriation, medical and hospitalisation costs (outside country of residence)[1]. In you have had an accident requiring repatriation (snowmobile, helicopter, ambulance, etc.), call Mutuaide’s assistance service at +33 1 41 77 45 97.

Describe the situation and give as much information as possible. You will be asked for your contract number (n°7360) and your file number (booking ID).

This call must be made as soon as possible, and imperatively before you return home. No costs must be incurred without the prior agreement of the assistance centre.

Once your file has been opened with Mutuaide, send your invoices and supporting documents by e-mail to

[1] e.g. : if you are French and living in France, the French healthcare pays for your medical fees.


  • Insurance claim with Assurinco

Assurinco covers interruption of snow activity, breakage, or theft of ski equipment.

Interruption of activity: In the event of an accident preventing skiing or snowboarding, the SkiEUR insurance covers the reimbursement of rental equipment and the ski pass for the days interrupted.

When the incident happens (accident, breakage, theft), open your claim on Assurinco within 5 days. You will be asked for your file number (= booking ID) and the date of departure. Please note! For the SkiEUR insurance, you must enter the date of the first day of the ski pass, not the date of departure. Once your claim has been opened, you have a bit more time to finalise your claim.

To finalise your claim, simply follow the steps on Assurinco website. You will be asked for the invoice for interruption of activity. To receive this invoice, contact Yoonly’s customer service by phone at +32 3 808 69 19 or by e-mail at